C.R. LAURENCE SS51666BL CRL Black 5/16" Edgetech Super Spacer

  • $68.00

C.R. LAURENCE SS51666BL CRL Black 5/16" Wide Edgetech Super Spacer - 66 Foot Roll. CRL Edgetech Super Spacerr is made from superior insulating silicone foam. The spacer essentially eliminates perimeter edge condensation and substantially reduces overall window heat loss. Because of the unique design features of Super Spacerr there are advantages in using this product for the fabrication of specialized insulating glass designs, including curved and odd shaped units, sound insulating, and triple-glazed units with art glass inserts..

Allows Simultaneous Production of Regular and Special Shaped Insulating Glass Units | Save Production Time - No Desiccant Beads to Add or Corner Keys to Assemble | Available in Gray or Black

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