CRL 18" Pipe Handle Cut-Out Knife

  • $35.71

Length: 18" (457 mm)Our Most Popular KnivesAvailable in Two LengthsThe round, cast aluminum handle of our most popular CRL Pipe Handle Cut-Out Knife is easy to grip, and utility knife blades change out in just seconds. Tool length can be extended by adding a length of standard conduit pipe. Extra blades can be stored in the handle. Uses either 1992C or 1991C Utility Knife Blades, or 1993X10 Extra Long Utility Knife Blades. The blade plate and screw are also replaceable.Important NotesNOTE: The PK19PS replacement blade holder plate only works on older models of the PK19. The newest models have a pin in the plate that holds the blade where the older models do not Cat. No. PK19NS.

Our Most Popular Knives | Available in Two Lengths

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