1 mm Miniature Diamond Drill - 6 pack

  • $26.00

Music Wire Diamond Drill. For Use in Handheld Rotary Tools. This CRL Diamond Plated Miniature Flat-Tip Drill used in high speed, hand held Dremel, Foredom or small precision drill presses. The diamond is plated on flexible, stainless steel music wire. A great tool for drilling small holes for wire hanging of glass and ceramics. Also works great for carving, etching and inscribing of glass.

Note: Always submerge in Diamond Tool Coolant to prevent overheating and to prolong tool life. You may also need Retaining Drilling Ring to keep your working area submerged in coolant. To achieve maximum life for your diamond drill you may also need our Sharpening Stone .

Package: 6 pack

Music Wire Diamond Drill | For Use in Hand-Held Rotary Tools

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