Clear 3MTM 1/2" Removable Double Coated Acrylic Foam Tape

Clear 3MTM 1/2" Removable Double Coated Acrylic Foam Tape

  • $130.00

This 3M Removeable Clear Foam Tape offers removability from a variety of substrates. Double coated acrylic foam removes cleanly from many surfaces yet offers high ultimate bond strength, good temperature resistance, solvent resistance and static shear hoding power. Ideal tape application temperature is 70 to 100°F (21 to 38°C). Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) is not recommended because the adhesive may become too firm to adhere readily. However, once properly applied, low temperature holding is generally satisfactory. Width of Tape: 1/2 in (12.7 mm) Thickness of Tape: 1/32 in (0.8 mm) Case Qty: 4 Length of Tape: 81 ft (24.6 m) Color: Clear

Product Warning:
As a general rule, four square inches of tape should be used for each pound of weight to be supported in static load. More or less tape may be required depending upon the particular application. User evaluation is, therefore, required to determine optimal tape usage.
Care should be used when bonding to surfaces with very low internal strength such as painted plaster board, fabric or cloth, wallpaper, blown vinyl, etc. since delamination of that surface may occur.
Care should also be taken with wood veneers and highly polished wood as very glossy surfaces may leave an image when the tape is removed.

Leaves No Residue | Excellent for Removable P.O.P Displays, Signs, Exhibitions, Name Plates, Etc. | Roll Length (feet): 81 | Thickness (inches): 1/32 | Width (inches): 1/2

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