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CRL QuickEdge Safety Orange Single Lip Trim - 75000332

CRL QuickEdge Safety Orange Single Lip Trim - 75000332

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CRL QuickEdge™ is a vinyl (PVC) embossed extrusion with a segmented metal core. Simply push on exposed edges of metal, fiberglass, plastic, plywood, or glass. The steel core provides the strongest and most resilient gripping power available to lock the trim in place. CRL QuickEdge™ Trims are a flexible durometer of 65, except for Standard Double Lip Trims, which are 80 durometer hardness. They are made from environmentally safe vinyl-embossed PVC extrusions with non-cadmium stabilizers. Heat resistance to maximum 150°F (65°C) for continuous use. QuickEdge™ Trim is self-extinguishing, and passes Federal Specification FMVSS-302.

Trims and Protects Raw Edges of Glass, Metal, Fiberglass, Plastic, and Wood | Universal Application for Vehicle, Furniture, and Display Manufacturers | Flexible Metal Core Conforms to Curved Edges

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