C.R. LAURENCE ADJ180PN CRL Polished Nickel Adjustable Glass-to-Glass Clamp

  • $50.00

CRL Adjustable Glass-to-Glass Clamps are designed to join two glass panels that meet between 90º and 180º. Clear silicone can be used to provide a clean, water resistant seal. Our Solid Brass Wall Mount and Glass-to-Glass Adjustable Glass Clamps are designed to secure glass panels in contemporary shower enclosures. They assist in maintaining the frameless appearance, and provide a clean-looking alternative when a wall is not at 90º to the fixed panel, or the glass-to-glass application is not a standard angle. This range of Glass Clamps can accommodate 5/16" to 1/2" (8 to 12 mm) glass. Custom finishes are available. Substitution: ADJ180CH
NOTE: You may contact the CRL Shower Door Technical Staff for location of hole drilled in glass, due to numerous possible angles.

Solid Brass Clamps are Adjustable for Non-Standard Angles | For 5/16" to 1/2" (8 to 12 mm) Glass | Two Models Available; Glass-to-Wall, and Glass-to-Glass | Several Popular Finishes to Choose

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