CRL 1/2" Vinyl Corner Covers - 100 pack

  • $49.25

Protect Glass and Mirror Corners Soft Vinyl Material Available in Packs of 100 or in Bulk Packages These CRL Vinyl Corner Covers are designed to protect mirror and glass edges during shipping, handling or storing. These Edge Protector Covers, made of soft vinyl, will not scratch or damage mirror or glass surfaces. They help protect large cutoffs from breakage or becoming scrap. Vinyl Corners are re-usable, and simply slide on and off. Color-coded for easy recognition and selection. A great way to ensure your customers are getting a quality piece of glass when you protect the corners with these CRL Vinyl Corner Covers. Packaged 100 covers per bag per size, or in bulk pack quantities of 500 or 1,000. Opening Dimension: 1/2 in (12 mm) Minimum Order: 1 package (100 covers)

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