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CRL 1/4" x 3/8" Autoglass Butyl Tape (12 rolls) - CRL1502

CRL 1/4" x 3/8" Autoglass Butyl Tape (12 rolls) - CRL1502

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CRL Butyl Autoglass Tape has been developed for installers to meet specific needs. It is easily compressible and tacky, but won't flow out of the pinchweld. This means an easy installation with no clean up. It's the one tape that gives you the support, sealing, and strength you need for leak-proof installations and no call-backs. Controlled rebound allows proper molding fit. CRL Butyl Autoglass Tape has been proven to be one of the finest tapes on the market. That is why we can guarantee your complete satisfaction. Try it on your next installation and you'll see that you can still get quality at an economical price.
NOTE: Butyl tapes should not be used where OEM has installed the automotive glass with urethane. Please consult the OEM guidelines for your installation.

Positive Bond on Contact | Unlimited Shelf Life | Won't Flow Out of the Pinchweld | No Damage to Interior Trim


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