CRL 1/8" Prismatic Glass Drill

  • $33.49

The CRL Prismatic Glass Drill is the standard of quality for glass drilling throughout the flat glass industry. The tungsten carbide tips mean you can produce hundreds of high quality holes without needing to re-sharpen the drill. The extra long tip assures long lasting, precision drilling. Prismatic drills should only be used in glass drilling machines such as the CRL2, SDM1 and 41, or in a securely held electric drill. We do not recommend you use them with hand brace drills. Be sure to keep the drill cool using CRL Pure Gum Turpentine or another coolant like CRL DTC80 during drilling.

Our Best Carbide Drill | Precision Ground on Three Sides | Available Sizes From 1/8" to 1/2"

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