CRL 3" Double Cup Vacuum Lifter by CR Laurence - VC6520

  • $75.00

The convenient CRL Double Cup Vacuum Lifter comes in 3', 4' and 5' (76, 102 and 127 mm) models. They are ideal for use when you are limited in space. The vacuum created by the dual cups allows easy lifting of heavy weights. The suction is broken only when the finger tip-operated bar is lifted. Easy attaching and removal speeds up work and reduces fatigue due to the simple one-step trigger/release bar. A great tool for general handling of any type of non-porous sheet products. Important Notes ***ALWAYS USE CAUTION WHEN HANDLING GLASS*** Lifting capacity is 30 pounds.

7" (178 mm) Long with Dual 3" (76 mm) Diameter Cups | For One or Two-Handed Grips | Great for Large Lites

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