CRL 3/16" Diameter, 1/32" to 1/8" Grip Range Aluminum Mandrel and Steel Rivet in Packs of 5000 by CR Laurence - ABS62

  • $170.00

CRL Blind Rivets in Cases are standard pack quantities as supplied from the factory.
A blind rivet is a simple device for holding materials together. A solid metal mandrel is inserted into a tubular metal rivet, and supplied as an assembled unit. This becomes a fastener when the mandrel and rivet are inserted into aligned holes in the materials to be joined. The mandrel is pulled into the rivet by a rivet setting tool CRL Marson® HD Gun (commonly known as a rivet gun) to create a counterhead, then the mandrel is snapped off, leaving the finished fastener. 

Full Factory Cases | Extensive Variety of Sizes and Types of Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Rivets | Simple Installation Allows Blind Rivets to be Incorporated into Virtually All Manufacturing and Fabrication Designs

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