CRL 8-18 x 3/4" Pan Head Phillips Self-Drilling Screws Pack of 100 by CR Laurence

  • $8.00

Drill Point Size: #2Screw Size : 8-18 x 3/4 in (19 mm)Size: 8-18 x 3/4" (19 mm)Cut Their Own Holes in a Variety of MetalsSpeed Manufacturing and FabricatingOrder in Bulk for Additional SavingsCRL Self-Drilling Screws combine a drill and screw into a single efficient unit to save time and labor costs. They are designed to drill their own hole, cut or form mating threads, and make a complete fastening in a single operation. Each is precision machined and heat treated under exacting standards to ensure quality performance. Self-Drilling Screws work well in a variety of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, fiberglass, as well as some thin plastics. The special design eliminates the need top redrill or prepunch fastening holes, as well as eliminating the problem of hole alignment. Their unique fastening qualities mean you can fasten materials of dissimilar thicknesses easily, and will probably use fewer screws on many applications.CRL Self-Drilling Screws bring new speed, mobility, and economy to on-site assembly installations. Used in curtain wall and storefront installations, metal roofing and siding, metal window frame and door installations, emergency board-ups, heating and air conditioning ducts, interior partitions, decking and subfloor assemblies, electrical circuit boxes and conduit fastening, and many other applications. Sold in quantities of 100 packed in resealable plastic tubs, and bulk packages of 1000 in poly bags.

Cut Their Own Holes in a Variety of Metals | Speed Manufacturing and Fabricating | Order in Bulk for Additional Savings

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