CRL ACRS Satin Anodized Upper Adjustabe Tee Adaptor

  • $57.00

CRL ACRS Upper Adjustable Tee Adaptors are used to join posts and horizontal railings together at varying angles for non-standard stair and ramp conditions. When you are not sure what angle your stair or ramp is, or you can't wait for a custom adaptor, this Adjustable Adaptor is for you. The Trunion portion attaches to the pipe in a similar manner as the Straight Tee Adaptors. The Tee portion attaches to the Trunion and is adjustable from 10º to 42º. They come complete with all hardware required to complete a single adjustable angle intersection.
NOTE: Adjustable Tee Adaptors are not applicable to 5 degree ramp installations. Trunion is a cast part. Some color variation from the Pipe to the Adaptors will occur.

Ready-to-Install | Adjusts From 10 to 42 Degrees | Satin Anodized Finish 

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