CRL Aluminum Finish Top or Bottom Patch Fitting - Less Fitting

  • $36.00

This CRL American T/B Door Patch (Less Insert) will allow you to use the same fitting for either top or bottom by simply installing the appropriate insert.

Product Warning:
These fittings are not for use with Laminated Glass.
The following guidelines are to be used when making a 1/2" glass door using this hardware:
Maximum Height: 102" (2.59 m)
Maximum Height: 176 Lbs. (80 kg)
Maximum Width: 42" (1.09 m)
If the door exceeds any of these limitations, full door rails should be used.

For Use with Top and Bottom Inserts | High Density Cast Body | Gaskets for Use With 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) Glass

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