CRL Chrysler Grip Range .118"-.177" Plastic Rivet - Box

  • $35.00

CRL Plastic Rivets are made from precision-molded nylon and designed as original equipment part numbers for Ford, Chrysler and General Motors vehicles. Each year, car makers use millions of plastic rivets to attach bumper fascia strips, secure inner fenders and mount dozens of sub assemblies and parts. To assure appropriate appearance and structural balance, replace OEM parts with CRL Plastic Rivets. In addition to the automotive applications listed, many fastening situations call for plastic rivets. For instance, properly selected, the plastic rivets below are ideal for use in non-conductive and non-corrosive environments. When a CRL Plastic Rivet is set, it forms three "legs" that compress against the blind side of the work, securely locking components in place. You can't get a better grip from any other plastic rivet fastener. For trouble-free installation, use the CRL Plastic Rivet Setter 48000 or the CRL Plastic Rivet Setter Kit 48001. described below.

Official C.R. Laurence Product

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