CRL Junior Geneva 037 Series Oil Rub Bronze Wall Mount Full Back Plate Hinge

  • $71.00

  Self-Centering with Reversible 5° Pivot Pin Available in Several Beautiful Finishes Three Year Warranty The CRL Junior Geneva Series of professional hinges is able to accommodate 1/4 to 5/16 inch (6 to 8 millimeter) glass. A variety of six styles, including Wall Mount and Glass-to-Glass types, gives design flexibility. The same elegant European design that has made our Geneva Series so popular is available in a smaller version, the Junior Geneva, to offer additional application opportunities. Used to accommodate 1/4 to 5/16 inch (6 to 8 millimeter) thick glass, the Junior Geneva is made of solid brass. There are three Wall Mount styles along with 90°, 135° and 180° Glass-to-Glass styles. The Junior Geneva is self-centering and available in seven popular finishes. They contain a Reversible Pivot Pin for optional 5° offset door closure. Color: Oil Rub Bronze Minimum Order: 1 Each Additional Product Information: Standard Reversible Pivot Pin: Each Junior Geneva Hinge contains a Reversible Pivot Pin. One side of the Pin is marked 90°. The opposite side is marked 85°. Standard Junior Geneva Hinges come with the 90° side activated. Offset Models come with the Pin pre-set to 85° (5° tighter closure into shower interior). The Pin can be rotated (not flipped upside down) to activate the other side. Specifications: Glass Thickness: 1/4 to 5/16 inch (6 to 8 millimeter) Tempered Safety Glass Special Feature: Contains a Reversible 5° Pivot Pin. When activated, it allows 5° tighter door closure Construction: Solid Brass Hinge Swings: 90° in and 90° out Closing Type: Self-Centering when within 15° of closed position Cut-Out Required Includes: One Hinge, Gaskets, Screws and Template

Wall Mount Full Back Plate Standard Model(Factory Set for Standard Closing Position) | Self-Centering with Reversible 5 Degree Pivot Pin | Available in Several Beautiful Finishes | 3 Year Warranty

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