CRL Kimtex Prep Shop Towels 12" x 14"

  • $152.30

These remarkably soft and super adsorbent CRL Kimtex Shop Towels are made in a special, patented process using melt-blown polypropylene fibers to create the first non-woven wiper durable enough to replace shop rags. A low-lint wiper with the soft texture of cloth and the economical disposability of paper towels, Kimtex Towels are more durable than paper and outlast disposable towels. Kimtex Towels are made with a special process that contains harmless chemicals that may leave a film if used to clean glass. For cleaning glass, we suggest you use CRL Glass Wipes 1550. 66 towels per pack, eight packs per case, 528 towels per case.

Official C.R. Laurence Product