CRL Palmer QwikSet Mirro-Mastic

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Contents: 10.1 Fl. Oz. (298 ml)Ideal for Overlays and Beveled StripsFast Cure TimePermits Trim and Even Face FinishingPalmer Application Guidelines Available HerePalmer QwikSet Mirro-Mastic is a fast curing adhesive mastic formulated for adhering plate glass mirror to various substrates, such as drywall, wood, glass, metal, or tile. QwikSet is ideal for mirror-to-mirror overlays, beveled strips, and mirrored furniture. At room temperature (72F/22C), QwikSet will cure to 80 percent strength in 48 hours. It has a one-year shelf life from the date on the end of the cartridge.NOTE: Do not use on acrylic mirror, safety tapes or backings. Use sealer or primer on porous substrates, but not Palmer Mirro-Mastic Bond.Important NotesTest before using any mastic! Always follow manufacturer's directions on the cartridge. Do not use on acrylic mirror, safety tapes or backings, plastic, a painted surface, wall covering or treated wood. Support mirror at the bottom. The use of mechanical fasteners is recommended for all mirror applications, such as CRL Mirror Clips or with CRL Mirror Mounting Tape. Apply both double-sided mirror mounting tape and mastic at room temperature following directions on each package. It is the users responsibility to determine the mastic's suitability to a particular application. CRL cannot guarantee materials against mirror spoilage. For ceiling mirror installations refer to PM201GL or PM205 mastic in cans. If the directions do not cover conditions at hand, or for any questions about this product please contact CRL Technical Sales.

Ideal for Overlays and Beveled Strips | Fast Curing | Permits Trim and Even Face Finishing | Palmer Application Guidelines Available Here

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