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CRL Polished Stainless AMR Series Patch Lock - AMR205PS

CRL Polished Stainless AMR Series Patch Lock - AMR205PS

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The CRL American Style Patch Lock can be mounted on the top or bottom of doors. It can also be used on the vertical edge of the door, and secured to a jamb with the Keeper that is supplied with the unit. The Patch Lock can also be secured to a glass panel or door using the AMR206 Sidelite Mount Keeper. A variety of optional keepers, such as AMR207 and AMR208 are available to accommodate most types of installations.

NOTE: Cylinders not included. Must be ordered separately.

Optional Cylinders include either AMR205CC Double Keyed Cylinders or AMR205CT Single Keyed Cylinder with Thumbturn.

For double door installations a Bottom Patch Lock is required on the inactive leaf to properly secure the pair of doors.

Double Keyed Cylinders;
Keyed Cylinder/Thumbturn;
Optional Keepers (Must Be Ordered Separately)

High Density Cast Body with Lock Mechanism | Gaskets for use with 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) Glass | Five Architectural Finishes

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