CRL Satin Aluminum 36; Jackson 1285 Push Pad Concealed Vertical Rod Left Hand Reverse Bevel Panic Exit Device with Cylinder Dogging 311285CL3628

  • $386.31

Size: 84"Suitable for Use with Narrow, Medium and Wide Stile DoorsSleek, Contemporary StyleUL Listed for Panic Exit HardwareThis sleek, contemporary CRL Jackson Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Exit Device is designed for use in 1-3/4" (44 mm) narrow stile aluminum doors. Also may be used with medium and wide stile aluminum and hollow metal doors. Sized for 36" (914.4 mm) standard openings, but may be trimmed for narrower conditions. Features trigger action locking release and positive 5/8" (15.9 mm) top and bottom bolt throw.

Suitable for Use with Narrow, Medium and Wide Stile Doors | Sleek, Contemporary Style | UL Listed for Panic Exit Hardware

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