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Deluxe Oil Cutter 4 Wheel Set - TP28SET

Deluxe Oil Cutter 4 Wheel Set - TP28SET

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The CRL TP2800 is designed with professional features that will appeal to any glazier who spends 8 hours per day on a cutting table, or to the occasional craftsman cutting a few sheets per week. The balanced solid brass handle and contoured finger grip provide just the right amount of scoring pressure every time. The reservoir filling cap controls oil flow. Tightening the cap seats a valve against the cutter head, cutting off the oil flow. Loosening the cap opens the valve, allowing oil to flow to the cutting wheel.

Product Warning: Always wear safety glasses around any glass cutting operation. 

A New Experience in Glass Cutting | Perfectly Balanced Brass Handle | Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheels | Four Most Common Hone Angles | Positive Oil Flow Check Valve

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