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Equal to or better than comparable products found in the market in terms of features, functionality, and durability.

Portals Hardware

Glass Cutters Widely Used Throughout the Glass Cutter Industry

Each cutter goes through 28 operations with 9 key inspections during the manufacturing process. Then they are tested on glass individually to make sure a smooth, clean cut edge is produced.

Glass Cutters

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We are a family owned, operated and argued over small business based out of sunny Las Vegas Nevada.  Established is 2005 we began web distribution of home and business hardware.  Our goal is to help the local handyman or DYI locate those hardware parts for around the house and get it your job done inexpensively.  Our primary focus and background is glazing. 

We are an authorized web distributor for C. R. Laurence, Smalley and Company, Bohle, Expo Design, and Listo.  We are constantly growing to help you find what you need.

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