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CRL Wood Handle Glass Cutter - 022

CRL Wood Handle Glass Cutter - 022

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Product Overview

This CRL Wood Handle Glass Cutter is one of the most popular cutters in the industry. We combined a precision ground 122º steel cutting wheel with a solid, one-piece contoured handle to come up with the most practical and useful cutter on the market. The CRL 022 Cutter is ideal for general purpose and pattern glass cutting. This tool is first class all the way, from its nickel plated head through its smooth, comfortable grip. Its affordable price makes it even more attractive.

NOTE: Not available in Australia.
Always wear the proper protective gear when cutting and handling glass.

  • Straight Cutting Head for General Purpose Cutting
  • 122 Degree Hone Angle
  • Precision Steel Wheel
  • Individually Sleeved
  • Comfortable Wood Handle
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
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