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CRL Small Atlas Therma-Fit Insulated Gloves - 451S

CRL Small Atlas Therma-Fit Insulated Gloves - 451S

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Product Overview

CRL Atlas Therma-Fit Insulated Glass Gloves cold weather gloves combine a mixture of acrylic loop-in terry cotton liner for warmth, lightweight feel and suppleness. The natural rubber coating on the palm and fingertips protects the hand from abrasion, cutting, puncturing, and tearing. The rough textured grip allows slippery objects to be gripped firmly. This durable glove is ideal for all work in cold rooms or outside in cold weather conditions. The gloves offer maximum durability and protect your hands while providing ventilation through the back and wrists.

  • Designed to Maintain Warmth in Colder Environments
  • Available in Four Sizes
  • Wrinkle Finish Palms and Fingers
  • ANSI Cut Resistance: 3
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