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CRL 3M Auto-Mixer Nozzles - 3M21791

CRL 3M Auto-Mixer Nozzles - 3M21791

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CRL 3M® Auto-Mix™ Mixer Nozzles are the key to 3M® Cat. No. 3M8641 Auto-Mix™ Adhesive. Inside each Nozzle is a series of blades to continually cut and mix the material ensuring that when it reaches the tip it is fully mixed. Each application usually requires a new tip (unless continual flow of material is maintained), so we suggest you stock up on extra Nozzles. Fits Cat. No. 3M8190 3M® Auto-Mix™ Applicator Gun. 12 Nozzles per package.

Replacement Nozzles for 3M Auto-Mix Adhesive

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