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CRL Satin Chrome Anchor Set - 061210

CRL Satin Chrome Anchor Set - 061210

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CRL's Rod Anchor Set consists of top and bottom fittings that attach to the Rod ends. The satin chrome anchor sets do not come with screws or fasteners to attach the anchors to either the ceiling or floor. The top and bottom fittings have 3/16" (5 mm) diameter holes to accommodate your choice of screws or fasteners.
IMPORTANT: All threads for Rod System Components are reverse thread. Installation screws by others.

1) Plum and Install threaded Brass Bushing for Top Anchor and Threaded Cap (with non-threaded Rod hole) for Bottom Anchor.
2) Secure Top Rod Anchor onto threaded Brass bushing.
3) Install Rods 062100, 062150, 062050 tightly onto top anchor to obtain required length. Measure, mark and cut the bottom of the Rod right above the bottom anchor without the knurl fitting in place.
4) Once desired Rod Lengths are obtained, remove Rods and insert all required Supports, Bottom Knurl Anchor Cap, Spring then Collar which will be used to obtain the bottom spring tensioning.
5) Re-install all Rods with all required Supports, Bottom Knurl Anchor Cap, Spring and Collar.
6) Slide Collar towards the bottom of the Rod leaving about 1/8” from bottom end and tighten the collar set screw.
7) Screw the Bottom Anchor Assembly together.

  • Used with CRL 6 mm Rods
  • 062100, 062150, 062050
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