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CRL Tremco .200" Wedge Gasket Glazing Spline - 1768013

CRL Tremco .200" Wedge Gasket Glazing Spline - 1768013

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This CRL Tremco® Wedge Gasket Glazing Spline profile is made of extruded 70 durometer dense EPDM. The wedge profile is designed for use in compression glazing systems with Tremco® POLYshim II Glazing Tapes. Glazing Spline profiles require a .090" x .062" (2.3 x 1.6 mm) metal nib for proper engagement

Product Warning:
Special Requirements: A mock-up is recommended by Tremco® to verify acceptable mating between both the Glazing Spline and the Metal Nib.

Used in Compression Glazing Systems with Tremco POLYshim ll Glazing Tape | 70 Durometer Extruded EPDM


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