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CRL Anochrome 14" KV Steel Bracket - 180A14

CRL Anochrome 14" KV Steel Bracket - 180A14

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CRL KV Steel Standards and Brackets make building shelf units simple. They're so flexible, design versatility is virtually limitless. Our Steel Standards and Brackets are all high quality, precision fitted pieces. They are easily assembled and mounted. You get the advantage of both durable steel construction and a choice of finishes.
For decorative uses in display and showcases, and utility uses for storage applications. These brackets fasten to standards with a unique, patented friction grip, insuring a firm and square hold with perfect shelf alignment. A back plate gives added strength so the brackets project straight out from the standards.
These published "Load Ratings" are to be used as a guide only. No warranty is expressed or implied. Weight "Load Ratings" for bracket are per pair. All "Load Ratings" are in Pounds (lbs.) Spacing on the Standards is 16" (406 mm) on center, through 1/2" (12.7 mm) drywall into
a 2-by-4 wood stud. Wider spacing will result in reduced Load Capacity.

Steel Brackets for Strength | A Downward Tap Secures the Bracket in the Standard | Three Finishes to Match Our 80 Series Steel Standards | Length (inches): 10

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