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CRL Rear Window Grid Repair Kit - 2100RK

CRL Rear Window Grid Repair Kit - 2100RK

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Product Overview

This CRL Rear Window Grid Repair Kit reliably repairs scratched or broken automotive defroster lines in minutes. Damaged grid traces are masked off and repaired by painting the Grid Repair Conductive Paint over the damaged area. The conductor dries quickly, and is color-matched to the defroster for nearly invisible repairs.

The Kit contains of one .35 oz. (10 gram) bottle of conductive paint, one 3' (914 mm) x 1/4" (6 mm) roll of grid masking tape, and three cotton applicator swabs.

  • Conductive Paint-On Repair for Scratched or Broken Rear Defroster Lines
  • Easy-to-Use Kit Contains Everything You Need
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