C.R. LAURENCE 316 CRL 3/16" Spearpoint Glass Drill

  • $12.00

Can be Used in Handheld, Low RPM Drilling Machines Fast Drilling The CRL Spearpoint Glass Drill meets your demand for a low priced, reliable glass drill. The diamond-lapped, spade-shaped tip will drill many smooth holes in glass, vitrolite, china, ceramic, tile, etc. You can use this CRL Spearpoint Glass Drill in a handheld, low R.P.M. drilling machine. Capable of drilling holes very fast, this drill is easy to use, and will give you a long service life. You can conveniently use this CRL Spearpoint Drill in models such as CRL2 , SDM1 , 41 Glass Drilling Machines, but work best in a regular power drill. When working with these drills, be sure to keep the drill cool by using a lubricant, such as PGT1 turpentine. Always wear the proper safety gear including gloves and eye protection when drilling glass. Work should be performed on a flat, horizontal surface. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter must be used when using any type of electric tool in conjunction with water or coolant. Failure to follow any of these precautions can result in operator injury.

Can be Used in Handheld, Low RPM Drilling Machines | For Use With Low RPM Drilling Machines | Available in Sizes From 1/8" to 1/2"

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