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CRL Rivet-Nut Setter™ RN-1 Tool - 39300

CRL Rivet-Nut Setter™ RN-1 Tool - 39300

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Product Overview

This quality CRL Rivet-Nut Setter™ RN-1 Tool features a patented fulcrum design and comfortable, vinyl-coated, oversize hand grips. This tool installs all fractional and metric sizes of Rivet-Nuts, Klik® Poly-Nuts, and Klik® Thread-Serts into steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and rigid plastic. The upper handle is made from forged steel; the body is precision cast aluminum alloy; the mandrels and nosepieces are made from hardened steel. This newly redesigned Rivet-Nut Setter™ RN-1 has an adjustable stroke bolt to provide consistent nut and insert compression during installation. This tool includes three mandrels, two nosepieces, and a nosepiece wrench packed in a heavy-duty vinyl storage pouch.

  • Installs: Rivet-Nuts, Klik® Poly-Nuts, and Thread-Serts
  • Includes: Three Mandrels: 8-32, 10-24, and 10-32
  • Includes: Two Nosepieces: #8 and #10
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