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CRL Transparent Glass Bandage - 7100

CRL Transparent Glass Bandage - 7100

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Broken glass panes represent a significant safety hazard in factories, retail stores, office buildings, schools, hotels, and homes. Now CRL Glass Bandage offers a "quick-fix," until the glass can be replaced. Installation takes just minutes. Prevents air leakage while covering sharp edges and also seals in broken glass shards. Glass Bandage's brilliant red danger warning helps prevent harm to the public, reduces accident insurance claims, and possible legal suits. Glass Bandage is transparent so it does not block vision and light - another safety plus!

Product Warning:
***Use extreme care when working around broken or cracked glass! We advise eye protection and glass handling gloves be worn.***

Provides Highly Visible Warning of Broken Glass Hazards | Transparent - Does Not Block Vision or Light | Self Adhesive - Remains In Place

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