C.R. LAURENCE A71320C CRL Gray .270" Backing Width Adhesive Backed Windo-Pile - 100' Roll

  • $39.00

This CRL Adhesive-Backed Windo-Pile is a water-resistant pile woven with silicone-treated polypropylene fibers to resist mold, corrosion, abrasion, and is stabilized against ultraviolet and ozone. The fibers are attached to a polypropylene backing that lasts longer than plastic weatherseals, and has a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a release liner. Especially good for applications on irregular surfaces, helping the weatherstrip conform to surface contours. Helps conserve energy by keeping windows and doors sealed. The color of the pile is light gray.

Reduces Heat and Energy Loss Around Windows and Doors | Adhesive Backing Allows Press-On Installation | Seals Effectively without Affecting Operation

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