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CRL Extra Large Kevlar Jacket for Glassworkers - C35KVXL

CRL Extra Large Kevlar Jacket for Glassworkers - C35KVXL

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Product Overview

The CRL Cut Protection Jackets was designed for the safety of the glass worker in mind. Anyone working in the glass industry is presented with the dangers of glass on a daily basis. Wearing the proper safety gear is required in order to safely carry and install glass. This jacket is made from 8 oz. material that is many more times cut resistant than comparable materials of the same weight. The metal eyelets are strategically placed to provide additional cut and abrasion resistance in case of contact with a glass edge. The metal eyelets allow increased air circulation, and the jacket has a zipper in front for easy removal. This is something that no glazier should be without.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash this fabric separately from other fabrics. Use warm water and mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Dry, warm cycle, remove immediately.

Product Warning:

This jacket is used as a safety device for handling glass. It is to be used in conjunction with other safety gear like protective eyewear, gloves and footwear. Always use caution when working with and carrying glass.

  • Lightweight Provides Cut Protection
  • Available With or Without Grommets in Body and Sleeves
  • ANSI Level 2 Cut Rating
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