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CRL Gray 2 Duct Tape - C5192

CRL Gray 2 Duct Tape - C5192

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CRL Duct Tape is a bonding of highly aggressive natural rubber adhesive to a strong cloth tape with a coating of polyethylene laminated cloth. It is resistant to moisture and heat extremes, and conforms well to corners and sharp edges.
Typical Uses Include: Sealing duct work in exhaust and dryer vents, air conditioning and heating systems; as a pipe insulation wrap; temporary repair for fractured fiberglass or plastic panels; to bundle electrical cords; as a general adhesive tape when securing large sheets of protective cloth or plastic. It comes in a silver-gray surface finish, plus unrolls and tears easily without curling from the core.

Flexible and Versatile | High Aggressive Adhesive | Available in Silver/Gray or Black Colors

C.R. LAURENCE C5192 CRL Gray 2 Duct Tape

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