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CRL Diamond Hand Pad Set - DHPSET

CRL Diamond Hand Pad Set - DHPSET

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Product Overview

The CRL Diamond Hand Pad Set> consists of one of each of the four grits below. They have a plated diamond abrasive surface permanently glued to a semi-flexible foam support pad. Use wet or dry for fine work on glass, marble, ceramics, granite and other composites. Great for anyone who handles glass and needs to take the sharp edge off after cutting. The ideal size requires minimal effort and allows a more consistent finish. Diamond grade required are based upon the finish and amount of material to be removed. Each weighing just 2 oz. (.06 kg), a CRL Diamond Hand Pad can be carried in your pocket until needed.

DHP60 60 Grit (green)
DHP120 120 Grit (black)
DHP220 220 Grit (red)
DHP400 400 Grit (yellow)

Product Warning:
Always wear hand and arm protection when handling glass with sharp edges. CRL Diamond Hand Pads are designed for removing sharp glass edges but care must be taken when doing so. Any time glass is being handled injuries can occur so the user must follow all recommended safety precautions.

  • Includes All Four Grades of Diamond Hand Pads
  • Works Great on Smooth or Uneven Surfaces
  • Use Wet or Dry
  • 2-1/4" x 3-3/4" (57 x 95 mm)
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