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CRL Brushed Stainless Edge Grip for 1/2" Material - EG12BS

CRL Brushed Stainless Edge Grip for 1/2" Material - EG12BS

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CRL's Edge Grips provide additional flexibility in attaching decorative panels or signage to walls or substrates. The Edge Grip allows material to be held to the wall without drilling holes in the face material. This allows for quick installation or adjustment of panels mounted in Edge Grips. 1-1/4" (32 mm) diameter Edge Grips are available in brass, chrome, satin chrome, 316 brushed stainless, and gun metal finishes, and are compatible with CRL standoffs. It is recommended that CRL Edge Grips be utilized at the top, bottom and sides of heavier panels for maximum support.
NOTE: To attach the Edge Grip directly to a substrate, use Cat. No. 12X112PHPSMS, a No. 12 by 1-1/2" Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screw. It is recommended that screws be installed directly into wood blocking. Edge Grips are only recommended for installation of rectangular or square panels.

 For 1/2" (12.7 mm) Material Thickness | No Drilling Required in Glass or Panel Materials | Can be Used on Corners and Edges of Panels | Supplied with a EGCS Socket Head Cap Screw

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