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CRL Brushed Nickel Pinnacle 280 Series 180 Degree Pony Wall Mount Hinge - P1N280BN

CRL Brushed Nickel Pinnacle 280 Series 180 Degree Pony Wall Mount Hinge - P1N280BN

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Our CRL Geneva Series 180° Pony Wall Mount Hinges are used in conjunction with the Geneva 180° Glass-to-Glass hinge for use with 180° pony wall applications. Previously, the tile or marble had to be cut to allow the wall mount hinge to be recessed. That adjustment aligns the pivot points between both hinges. To eliminate this time consuming step, CRL has produced these modified wall mount hinges with a shortened center block (containing only one centering spring), and a small back plate (with only two mounting holes). This allows the hinge to be mounted to the surface of the tile or marble, and have it's pivot point match up with the glass-to-glass hinge pivot point above. Geneva Hinges are self-centering, and contain a reversible 5° Pivot Pin. In addition, Custom Pivot Pins are available to accommodate "off angle" installations. Made of solid brass with all moving parts (pins and springs) in stainless steel. 

Note: Templates specific to the Pinnacle 280 Series Hinges are packed in each box, or are available by contacting the CRL Technical Sales Department. Cat. No. P1N13 Gasket Pack must be purchased separately for use with 5/16" (8 mm) thick tempered glass.

Product Warning: CRL Shower Door Hinges are designed for residential or hotel shower use. If hinges are to be used for other than their intended purpose, approval must be obtained from the CRL Shower Door Technical Sales Department.

Use only the template included with this hinge. Cut-out dimensions for CRL hinges may not match those of other brands.

Self-Centering with Reversible 5° Pivot Pin 

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