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CRL Brushed Nickel Center Rod Support - RDB2BN

CRL Brushed Nickel Center Rod Support - RDB2BN

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Designed for use with 1/4" to 3/8" (6 to 10 mm) thick glass, CRL's Shelf Rods and Supports are used to create beautiful glass shelves with an extra safety factor. The 24" or 36" (610 or 914 mm) long hollow Rods can be used as is, or cut-to-size. The attractively designed Supports can be attached to the shelf wherever required to create a truly unique look. Set screws hold them tight to the glass. The Rods come in packs of six each, Supports are sold individually.

Create Beautiful and Safe Glass Shelves | Available in Our Most Popular Finishes | Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

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