C.R. LAURENCE RR65 CRL 6-1/2" Suction Base Drilling Round Ring

  • $48.99

Diameter: 6-1/2" (165.1 mm) Round RingInstantly Creates a Coolant DamSlanted Walls Helps Stop SplashingCleans Easily - Won't Rust!Use our CRL Suction Base Drilling Rings for drilling glass whenever you use coolant or carbide grain. Made of a special rubber compound that wont break the glass if accidentally dropped on it. Easy-to-use, just wet the base with coolant or glass cleaner and press onto the glass. Four sizes of round rings, plus an oval shaped ring for drilling dual outlets. Diameters are measured inside the ring.Important NotesAlways wear the proper safety gear including gloves and eye protection when drilling glass. Work should be performed on a flat, horizontal surface. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter must be used when using any type of electric tool in conjunction with water or coolant. Failure to follow any of these precautions can result in operator injury.

Instantly Creates a Coolant Dam | Slanted Walls Helps Stop Splashing | Cleans Easily - Won't Rust!

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