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CRL 3M Trizact 3" A20 PSA Polishing Disc - TD320P

CRL 3M Trizact 3" A20 PSA Polishing Disc - TD320P

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CRL introduces 3M Trizact Abrasive Film to the glass industry. This material uses natural abrasive formed in the shape of small pyramids, and provides uniform layers of abrasive throughout the pyramid. As abrasive particles are exposed and used, they fall down and are flushed away between the pyramids. 

3M Trizact will remove light or deep scratches, scruffs, wiper marks, and stains on a variety of glass surfaces. Makes an old windshield or table top look like new again. Discs should always be used wet, with plain water, Polish requires using each grade long enough to remove all scratches from the previous grade. If this is not done, small defects will remain in the finished product. When using "high polish clear' (cerium), work surface must be flushed with water between stages to remove loose abrasive. 

Product Warning: Always wear the proper respiratory and protective safety gear as specified by the manufacturer when using this product. Failure to do so can lead to immediate and long-term injury.

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