C.R. LAURENCE W5450CS CRL Wood"s Powr-Grip 9" Vacuum Cups with Concave Rubber Pad

  • $233.00

In addition to all of the advantages of our Cat. No. W4950 8" (203 mm) diameter Vacuum Cup, the Cat. No. W5450 and W5450CS 9" (229 mm) diameter Vacuum Cups feature a higher lifting capacity for glass, and a pad with flexible edges to handle Plexiglass and other materials that may bend when lifted. The W5450CS has a more concave rubber pad designed to lift both curved and flat loads including flat glass, bent glass, and auto glass. As with all CRL Wood's Powr-Grip® Vacuum Cups, the red-line indicator warns users of any vacuum loss, and the built-in release valve lever with guard permits quick and complete release from surfaces. Supplied with a protective Carrying Case. All Wood's Vacuum Cups can be combined for quantity pricing.

Product Warning:
Never exceed the recommended weight limit of this cup.
CAUTION: Cups must be kept clean and stored in carrying case when not in use.

9" (229 mm) Diameter | Durable Metal Handle | Red-Line Indicator Warns User of Any Vacuum Loss | Check Valve Allows Re-Pumping Without Loss of Remaining Vacuum | Release Valve Lever Permits Quick and Complete Release | Designed to Lift Curved and Flat Loads

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