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CRL Wood"s Powr-Grip 6" Rigid Handle Vacuum Cup - Flat Materials - W6250

CRL Wood"s Powr-Grip 6" Rigid Handle Vacuum Cup - Flat Materials - W6250

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Compact and portable, this CRL Wood's Powr-Grip® 6" Rigid Handle Vacuum Cup puts a handle where you want it on awkward, bulky items such as storm windows or shower doors. Cat. No. W6250 uses a flat pad for quick attaching on flat surfaces; the W6200 is for curved or flat surfaces. The rigid handle style is conveniently sized for use in the glass shop or at the installation site. Supplied with vacuum pad protector.
This Vacuum Cap has an all-aluminum casting which incorporates the pump housing and handle together for strength and protection for the pump. The 6" (152 mm) can handle most loads of the larger cups, but in a smaller package. The size makes this product easy to carry in a large pocket or small tool box. The rubber cup has a dual seal system to protect against vacuum loss. A plastic cover is included for protection against cuts and nicks. The W6250 should be used for smaller pieces of glass weighing less than 70 lbs. (32 kg).

Product Warning:
*Never exceed the recommended weight limit of this cup. CAUTION: Cups must be kept clean and stored in carrying case when not in use*

Offset, Fixed Handle Helps Prevent Load From Swinging or Changing Orientation When Lifted | Strong Enough for Most Jobs, Yet Small Enough to Fit in a Tool Box | Red-Line Indicator Warns User of Any Vacuum Loss | Lift Tabs on Pad Edges Permit Instant Release

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