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CRL Brass Z-Series Square Type Flat Base Zinc Clamp [1/2" Glass] - Z812BR

CRL Brass Z-Series Square Type Flat Base Zinc Clamp [1/2" Glass] - Z812BR

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This CRL Z-Series Square Type Flat Base Glass Clamp is designed to be used on glass 1/2" (12 mm) thickness. Constructed from either zinc or stainless steel, the clamps are the perfect solution for partitions, railings, windbreaks and countless other projects. For securing the Z-Clamp to thin wall tubing ( less than 1/8"), use CRL's ZBOLT Socket Head Cap Bolt and ZRNUT Rivet Nut. For installation, drill 17/32 (13.5 mm) hole, then install the Rivet-Nut using 34604 Heavy-Duty Thread Insert tool and 34618 5/16" Mandrel and Nosepiece. NOTE: 9/16" (14.3 mm) hole is required if using the steel pin (included with the clamp) for additional glass support.

Product Warning:
For interior CRL recommends pinning each glass panel as required when the glass is not supported from the bottom edge to prevent glass panel slippage. Rubber gaskets and steel pins are provided with each clamp.

•Designed to Accommodate 1/2" (12 mm) Glass Thickness | •The Ideal Clamp for Use on Mezzanines, Partitions, Railings and Windbreaks | Use Monolithic Tempered Glass | Steel pin Available for Additional Glass Support

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