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CRL 1-1/4" UV Standoff adaptor Plate - UV114ADP

CRL 1-1/4" UV Standoff adaptor Plate - UV114ADP

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CRL's UV Threaded Adapters will not only substantially expand your UV business and glass hardware opportunities, but will also save glass fabrication time and expense. Use the Adapters to install glass signage using standoff bases, knobs for glass door cabinets or showers, towel bars or handles without drilling holes. Quickly and easily mount hardware in either new construction or existing installations using CRL's large selection of compatible hardware and UV adhesives, curing lamps, fixation devices, and cleaning supplies.

UV Bond Standoffs, Knobs, Pulls, and Towel Bars to Glass without Drilling Holes | 316 Stainless Steel | Six Diameters

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