CRL 1-1/8" x 21" 320 Grit Portable Glass Grinding Belt - 10 pack

CRL 1-1/8" x 21" 320 Grit Portable Glass Grinding Belt - 10 pack

  • $13.50

CRL Glass Grinding Belts have been an industry favorite for years, and our alliance with a major abrasive manufacturer allows us to bring you high quality belts at low prices. Cost-efficient packaging techniques let us give you better value in all sizes and grits from 36X (Super Coarse) to CORK (Polishing) on a 100 percent polyester backing that works either wet or dry. For polishing, our cork belts provide a smooth luster finish where desired. We even offer custom sizes to meet your needs. NOTE: CRL's LARGE USER PROGRAM - If you use lots of sanding belts and discs, CRL has a bulk quantity program that can really cut your costs. All sizes and grits can be quoted, including any we don't normally stock. If you need them, CRL can supply them quickly at prices you'll find hard to beat. MOST POPULAR GRITS FOR GLASS: 60X: Extra-Rough, Fast Glass Removal (Mitered Edge) 80X: Rough, Quick-Contouring (Auto Glass Edge) 120X: Smooth, Seaming and Polishing (Desk Top Edge) 220X: Extra-Smooth, Fine Frosted Finish (Glass Shelf Edge) 400X: Fine, Satin Finish (Opaque Edge) CORK: Polish, Smooth Luster Finish

Product Warning:
Always wear the proper safety gear; ES15030, ES285X when using abrasive belts.

Designed for Use with the CRL 9031M Sander | 1-1/8" x 21" (29 x 533 mm) | Fast Grinding 100% Polyester Backed Belts for Notches and Cut-Outs | Belts in 12 Grits from 40X to CORK

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