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CRL 10.3 Fl. Oz. Insulating Glass Silicone Sealant - 9542

CRL 10.3 Fl. Oz. Insulating Glass Silicone Sealant - 9542

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CRL Insulating Glass Silicone is a single component, neutral cure silicone glass sealant specifically designed for producing long lasting insulating glass units when used with a primary seal of polyisobutylene. It contains adhesion promoting additives for excellent glass-to-glass adhesion, and is resistant to ultraviolet light and weather extremes. It has a functional temperature range of -80°F to 400°F (-62°C to 204°C).
It is available in easy-to-use 10.3 fl. oz. (305 ml) cartridges or 52 gallon drums for bulk dispensing. This product is black in color. Tack-free time is 30 minutes; fully cures 1/8" (3 mm) thickness in 24 hours. Units may be cautiously moved after 24 hours. Full strength is obtained in seven days.

Specially Formulated for the Manufacture of Dual Seal Insulating Glass Units | Excellent Glass-to-Glass Adhesion | Screw-On Nozzle | Resistance to UV Light and Weather Extremes

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