CRL 1/16" x 3/8" Aluminum Tremco 440-II Architectural Tape - 20 rolls - 71049N1

  • $240.00

CRL Tremco® 440 Butyl Architectural Tape is a pre-formed butyl sealant in tape form. The 100 percent solids compound of butyl and polyisobutylene contains no solvents or other volatiles that could escape on exposure, causing shrinkage and sealant failure. Tremco® 440 forms a watertight seal to prevent water infiltration, and has superior weather resistance. Highly adhesive, it remains permanently elastic, even at low temperatures, and is adaptable to many different types of glazing systems. Use Tremco® 440 for non-compression glazing of vision lites and spandrel panels in metal and wood frames in low rise building construction. It can also be used for lap sealing between panels such as steel, aluminum and porcelain, as well as a variety of other joints in shear between similar and dissimilar materials.

Superior Weather Resistance | 100% Solids Content | Available in Aluminum and Black Colors

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