CRL 1/16" x 3/8" Poly Liner Black Double Sided Glazing Tape

  • $38.00

Closed Cell Vinyl Foam with Adhesive on Two Sides Conforms to Irregular Surfaces Will Not Crack, Crumble or Powder Approved AAMA 810.1-92 Specification CRL Vinyl Foam Glazing Tape is a closed-cell vinyl foam sealant in tape form. It has an aggressive acrylic adhesive on two sides, and is specially formulated for applications where you anticipate a high degree of movement. It provides high tack to aluminum, vinyl or glass surfaces. Color: Black Thickness of Tape: 1/16 in (1.6 mm) Width of Tape: 3 /8 in (9.5 mm) Feet per Roll: 200 ft (61 m) Additional Product Information: Vinyl Foam Glazing Tape is an excellent exterior and in-plant glazing sealant for wood, vinyl and metal window systems. It is also used as a roof sealant for metal buildings, and for gasketing between duct sections. It has good resistance to the effects of water, heat and constant movement. A minimum 25 percent compression is recommended to provide an effective moisture seal. Recommended application temperature is 40 to 125 degrees F (4 to 52 degrees C). Recommended service temperature is -30 to 180 degrees F (-34 to 82 degrees C). SPECIFICATIONS: Adhesion: 3.04 lbs/in Shear Strength: 600 minutes Important Note: CRL Vinyl Foam Glazing Tape must be compressed 25 to 50 percent to maintain an effective seal. In small lites, this may be achieved by applying pressure directly to the glazing tape when installing glazing stops. However, in most lites, the use of a compression wedge gasket is recommended.

Excellent Adhesion to Wood, Vinyl (Rigid PVC), Aluminum, and Glass | Superior Resistance to Weathering, Oxidation, and UV Exposure | Meets AAMA 810.1 Certification | Aggressive Adhesive | Service Temperature Range From 40F to 180F (-40C to 82C)

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