CRL .12 Fl. Oz. Loctite® Fast Cure Epoxy Cups - 10 Cup Pack - 44581X10

  • $59.00

CRL Loctite Fast Cure Epoxy bonds, seals and repairs almost anything in as little as ten minutes. Repair door glass channels, loose trim, broken plastic grills, cracked castings and casings. Also good to patch voids left by broken pieces. The convenient no mess, no guess, no waste mixer cup packaging assures consistent results. Zip off the protective film, pop the mixer cup, mix the pre-measured parts thoroughly. The resulting gray-colored mixture gives a strong and confident bond to glass, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, marble, brick, concrete and many more surfaces. Loctite Epoxy works at room temperatures and can withstand temperatures up to 300°F (149°C). For best adhesion, clean and roughen surfaces prior to application. SHELF LIFE: 12 months 10 mixer cups per box.

Bonds Virtually Any Material in as Little as 10 Minutes | Pre-Measured Individual Mixer Cups Assure Consistent Results | May be Drilled, Tapped, Sanded, Machined and Painted

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